The steady growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its institutions has created a demand for qualified personnel who can support its worldwide mission with their talents and education. In response to this need, the General Conference has launched the Adventist Professionals' Network (APN) - an electronic global registry of Adventits who hold a degree in any field. APN assists Adventist institutions and agencies in locating candidates for positions in teaching, administration, health care, and research as well as consultants with expertise and personnel for mission service. APN also helps Adventists around the world to connect with their respective professional associations.

1. What is APN?

The Adventist Professionals' Network is the first and only global electronic registry of Seventh-day Adventists who hold a college or university degree in any field.

2. Who created and operates it?

It was launched by the General Conference Department of Education in partnership with ADRA International, Andrews University, General Conference Secretariat, and Loma Linda University. Recently the Florida Hospital and the Loma Linda Medical Center also joined the APN Consortium.

3. Who can register in APN?

Any Seventh-day Adventist who hold a recognized college or university degree and who has access to the internet, anywhere in the world. Currently, the registration is free.

4. How do individuals benefit by registering in APN?

By logging in the APN website, registered members (a) can find out what current vacancies exist in Adventist institutions and services through links to entities such as ADRA International, Adventist Volunteer Services, Florida Hospital, General Conference Secretariat, Loma Linda Medical Center, and North American Division Education Department (see View Job Opportunities in this website), and (b) will soon be able to join an active Adventist professional association in their respective fields (check Adventist Professional Associations, Directories, and Forums in their website).

5. Who has access to the APN data base and how it the information used?

APN is a secure website. Chosen administrators in the seven entities that established and continue to fund APN (see above) have direct access to the data base. The information is used (a) to announce current vacancies in Adventist institutions and agencies, (b) to contact individuals whose specialties match the existing vacancies, and (c) to locate consultants for special projects. APN members will not be contacted by individuals or entities offering commercial products or soliciting funds.

6. How many Adventist professionals and graduate students have registered in APN?

More than 3,000 individuals have already joined APN. They reside in most countries of the world. And the list continues to grow by 3 to 5 members each day.

7. How can Adventist leaders, who are not members of the consortium, benefit from the growing international APN data base?

Administrators in Adventist organizations that are not members of the APN Consortium may request a focused search of the data base by contacting a representative of the APN Consortium (see above) or the General Conference Education Department through Esther Rodriguez at The information provided is then used to announce vacancies and locate qualified candidates to fill them.

8. How is the APN data base kept current?

APN registered members are contacted at regular intervals to inform them of new features and services available in the website and to request them to update their professional information.

9. How can Adventists who hold professional or academic degrees help in expanding APN membership and services?

Simply (a) by registering themselves in APN, (b) by inviting qualified colleagues and friends to join APN, and (c) by announcing APN through posters and advertisements in denominational newsletters, periodicals, and other means. You may request them by contacting Mrs. Esther Rodriguez at

10. What are the plans for the future of APN?

As funds become available, the consortium will continue to expand its international data base and add features that will make the APN website even more useful around the world. APN will thus strengthen Adventist global unity and mission.

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